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New innovating technique for air pollution control



Nano Control offers an innovative, unique and revolutionary solution for air purification. Nano Controls product captures to an unprecedented extent the harmful nano-particles, and micro particles emanate from various industrial emissions.


The Nano Control product will in most cases be a component, a kind of additive, which can be connected to existing systems. lt may also, where appropriate, be used as a standalone product.


The applications of Nano Control technology are:

• Dust extraction

• Emission control

• Powder recovery and

• Particles classifier.



Mining industry

Modern day mining operations include excavating, crushing, grinding, separation, smelting, refining and tailings management. All processes produce large quantities of dust and aerosol, including the transportation of ore with haul trucks and trains.

Though the vast majority of mining operations produce coarse dusts, high temperature processes produce fume and fine particulates potentially laden with metals and metalloids that are present in the ore.


Dust and aerosol particles emitted from mining operations may mobilize dangerously high levels of metals and metalloids including the neuro toxic elements Pb and As, which can then accumulate in soils, natural waters and vegetation.


Construction industry


- for example Cement industry

The cement industry plays a vital role in the imbalances of the environment and produces air pollution hazards. Cement dust had a significant effect on the growth of some plant species compared with non cement dusted plants. Toxic compounds such as fluoride, magnesium, lead, zinc, copper, beryllium, sulfuric acid and hydrochloric acid were found to be emitted by cement manufacturing plants (Andrej, 1987). The heavy metals present in the cement dust can play an important role in disturbing the various metabolic processers.


Nano Control technology can minimize the pollution levels from cement industries by reducing the mass load emitted from the stacks, from fugitive emissions, and from other sources.


Chemistry industry


Medicine industry


Processes Involving Pharmaceutical Dust


- Crushing, Milling, Screening, Micromization


- Mixing, Pelletizing, Dispensing, Sampling


- Granulating, Drying, Coating, Batching


- Blending, Compressing, Weighing, Packaging




Safe and clean working enviroment

Nano Control targets industrial applications where dust or soot has a severe negative impact on workers’ health and bottom line revenues.


Nano Control particle separator contribute to reducing environmental impacts from industrial production, natural process and human activities and help to creating safe and clean working environment.




Our solution is applicable in several industries such as:

• Mining industry

• Pharmaceutical industry

• Construction industry

• Paper industry

• Powder industry

• Metallurgy

• Food industry

• Chemical industry

• Heavy fuel oil generators

• Biomass and coal boilers

• Marine industry

• Waste burning

• Rock drilling

• Metal working in powder form (Al, Fe, cadmium, beryllium)

• Color pigments, manufacturing/ processing

• Coal industry

• Ceramic industry

• Pollen industry




Advantages of Nano Control

High collection efficiencies for coarse and fine particles ( ≥99.85%)



•Capability to handle large gas flow rates (~ 1-1000 m³/s)



•Can be operated at high temperatures (~1000⁰C ) and high pressure or under vacuum


•Low capital cost



•Low energy consumption


•Low pressure drop


•Constant flow rate


•Simple maintenance


•Dry and wet collection


•Relatively small space requirements


•Simple operation


•Recovery of collected material for subsequent processing and disposal




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