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New innovating technique for air pollution control

Our technology

The advantage of nanocontrol - a uniqe technique


Many industries are looking for the right solution to take control over dust and pollution. The technique of nanocontrol is energysaving and always adapted to every industries unique needs.


Nano Controls technology is based on a new aerodynamic principle and has some significant advantages over existing technologies.



Nanoparticles are particularly difficult to manage with existing technology. Although there are filters that are able to separate out nanoparticles, the filters of this type are prone to clog very quickly and their specified performance is only valid initially. In this respect the performance of Nano Controls technology is vastly superior.


Nano Control products separate out the full spectrum of particle sizes, ranging from coarse particles in the centimeter scale to the smallest so-called nanoparticles.


• High Efficiency in cleaning of nano-particles (up to 99.85%).

• Has low energy consumption,

• Does not need a great amount of space.

• It’s easy to use, maintain and clean.

• Does not require any special knowledge.

• Can use as a water separator and oil drops separator


Recycling & Enviroment


Nano Controls products are not only efficient when it comes to dust and pollution - it also offers the solid particles (nanoparticles) to be used and recycled.


Nano Control particle separator contribute to reducing environmental impacts from industrial production, natural process and human activities and help to creating safe and clean working environment.


Nano Control can be used in a variety of pharmaceutical dust collection applications and technology can efficient use as recovery of the products.


Nanoparticles can be used in many fields such:

• Powder industry

• Pharmaceutical industry

• Cosmetic industry

• Surface coating

• Paint industry

• etc.






  • High collection efficiencies for coarse and fine particles ( ≥99.85%)



  • Capability to handle large gas flow rates (~ 1-1000 m³/s)



  • Can be operated at high temperatures (~1000⁰C ) and high pressure or under vacuum


  • Low capital cost


  • Low energy consumption


  • Low pressure drop


  • Constant flow rate


  • Simple maintenance


  • Dry and wet collection


  • Relatively small space requirements


  • Simple operation


  • Recovery of collected material for subsequent processing and disposal




Comparison between Nano Control with different traditional technologies. learn more>>



Our products are soon avaliable all over Scandinavia and will expand in 2014


Nano Control is located in sweden and our technology are expanding to other countries.

Nano Control communicates in

english, swedish and spanish


Nano Control is a multilingual company and you can choose to communicate with us in english, swedsih or spanish.

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