New innovating technique for air pollution control

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Nano Control, Dr. Adrian Morales

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Nano Control AB

Adress: Förrådsvägen 2, Haga Park 1.

137 37 Västerhaninge





For different industries

We offer solutions for:

- Mining industry

- Pharmaceutical industry

- Food industry

- Powder industry etc.

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Advantage of nanocontrol

Many industries are looking for the right solution to take control over dust and pollution. The technique of Nano Control is energysaving and efficient.

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Enviroment and recycling

Nano Controls products are not only efficient when it comes to dust and pollution - it also offers the nanoparticals to be used and recycled.

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About Nanocontrol

Nano Control is a swedish company that focuses on developing new techniques to solve industries need of efficient pollution control.

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