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New innovating technique for air pollution control



Nano Control is a swedish company that focuses on developing new techniques to solve industries need of enviromental, efficient dustcontrol.


Swedish innovation

Nano Control is a new company involved in the air purification industry and founded by Dr. Adrian Morales in 2013.After many years of gaining experience in theoretical and experimental research, Dr. Morales had developed a much more efficient centrifugal separator compared to other traditional technologies used today.


Nano Control became a pioneer in developing a new and patent pending solution for air pollution control. The company technology have a great separation efficiency for micro-nanoparticles up 99.85 % and the particles are separates according to their size and density


The company solution is applicable in several industries, mining industry, pharmaceutical industry, cement industry, paper industry, mechanical engineering, powder industry, metallurgy, electronics, food industry, chemical industry, etc..


Nano Control technology is unique in several ways. It is cheaper, more effective, easy to use, can be used at high temperatures, has constant suction power and consumes less energy than competing technologies.


Nano Control offers total solution in gas-solid separation or air purification:


Nano Control mission is to develop and sell unique and more efficient systems and make them available on the market all around the world.




Nano Control's vision is to create a new de facto standard for air purification and environmental decontamination

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