New innovating technique for air pollution control

A new enviromental technology for cleaning air


Nano Control develops, manufactures and sells particle separators for many industries.

Particle separators are used for air purification or sanitation of environments polluted by dust, soot or similar.

The unique and new technology separate out the full spectrum of particle sizes, ranging from coarse particles in the centimeter scale to the smallest so-called nanoparticles. The separation efficiency of Nano Control technology are up to 99.85% without filter.


The need to clean emissions from nanoparticles is substantial in several industries. Most industries use electrostatic filters, fiber filters, scrubbers and HEPA filters to take care of their emissions. But those types of technologies are very expensive and its use requires a special building and maintenance, as well as high operational cost in consumables.


Nanoparticles are particularly difficult to manage using existing technologies. For example, although there are HEPA filters that are able to separate out nanoparticles, the filters of this type are prone to clog very quickly and their specified performance is only valid initially. In this respect the performance of Nano Controls technology is superior, stable and though preferable.


Different solutions for different industries

We offer solutions for:

- Mining industry

- Pharmaceutical industry

- Construction industry

- Powder industry

- Food industry

- Biomass & coal boilers etc.

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Advantage of Nano Control

- a uniqe technique

Many industries are looking for the right solution to take control over dust and pollution. The technique of Nano Control is energy saving and always adaptable to any industry specific.

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Enviroment and recycling


Nano Controls products are not only efficient when it comes to dust and pollution - it also offers the solid particles (nanoparticles) to be used and recycled. Nanoparticles can be used in many fields.

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About Nano Control


Nano Control is a swedish company that focuses on developing new techniques for pollution control. Dr. A.Morales has developed a more efficient centrifugal seperator compared to other technologies.

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